The individual strategy to find the right candidate

On the basis of our analysis an individual search strategy will be defined - an important step for the successful filling of the vacancy. Of course, we keep you informed about the status of the mandate.


Target list

On the basis of the collected information and further research, your consultant defines the search areas in which your desired candidate can be found. We are also looking beyond the nose and expand the areas, for example, to related industries.



Our IQS method does not rely on coincidences - we actively go into the defined search area and thus reach, above all, the passive candidates. This group of people is interested in your vacancy and at the same time the respective suitability is adjusted in the same way as the search profile.



Those who are interested and considered suitable are interviewed by your consultant in order to gain an impression of the professional qualification as well as the motivation to change. First, by phone, then personally - where ever the candidate wants to meet.



The various filters in our IQS method finally lead us to present you hand-picked candidates only who have convinced us first of all: To be the right one!