Detailed briefing as the basis for success

The basis for our success is the extensive analysis of the position to be filled, as well as the candidates with regard to competence, methodology and motivation.


Profile analysis

In a comprehensive appraisal, we analyze the various tasks and the necessary professional competence, but also the entire environment of the vacancy.



We summarize the results of the profile analysis in a detailed exposé and precisely define the suitability characteristics of your desired candidate. Qualified candidates will receive the exposé, after your approval, as a preliminary information.


Competence analysis

Drive, education, experience, energy, flexibility, professionalism, creativity, criticism, integrity, intelligence ... We are looking very closely at the personality of your candidates before they will come on the shortlist.


With tools such as INSIGHTS MDI, we also gladly determine personality profiles of the candidates as well as situation-related requirements profiles, if required.